Governing Responsible Data: Advocating Healthcare For All

As the MENA hub for Responsible AI, we recently attended the Healthcare Governance Forum held in Cairo on June 27th, 2024.

Startup Scene: Masterclass With AI Philosopher at Synapse Analytics Aliah Yacoub

Yacoub shares her views on the importance of using AI ethically, and the role that startups can play in this landscape.

AI Ethics Across Borders: Reflections on the Policy Debate

A2K4D's Associate Director Nagham El Houssamy attended the public policy debate titled “AI Ethics Across Borders," hosted by the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).

Towards Gender Parity in AI Development and Deployment in MENA

Why is the underrepresentation of women in every stage of tech production a problem for datasets, for organizations, and for society as a whole?

A Compassionate Approach to AI in Education

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), and how it has potential to disrupt, challenge or transform education, depending on whom you ask.

Feminist AI in MENA – A Neutral Technology?

Ever wondered if Artificial Intelligence (AI) is truly neutral? Is AI genuinely free from human prejudice? Is the technology impartial?