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Calling all data and AI researchers in MENA! 

This collaborative initiative is dedicated to fostering and propelling voices from MENA to the forefront of the global discourse on data and artificial intelligence.

We invite you to submit potential research ideas or relevant events. This is your chance to:

Find Partners

Join forces with leading researchers,
practitioners, civil society, and industry experts.

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If there is an event you are hosting, are a
part of, or just find relevant, share it with
us to help disseminate it with others who
could be interested in joining.

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Whether you're tackling issues related
to education, the environment,
healthcare, fin-tech, or food and
agriculture, etc. we want to hear it, this
is Your chance to connect with like-
minded researchers from the region!

Want to work with others?

Head over to the "Work Together" button and follow the steps. Be sure to include:

  • A clear and concise description of your work
  • Your team's experience and qualifications
  • The kind of expertise you are looking for your research- who do you want to collaborate with

Want to share an event?

Head over to the "Submit an Event" button below to submit any relevant events,
conferences, and calls for papers to be featured on our events calendar.

For more insight on the work we do, please head to our Knowledge Hub, or send us an
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Want to share your work?

We welcome your work on the responsible use of data and artificial intelligence for policy-making in MENA.
Examples of topics:

  • Data-driven solutions: economic development, smart cities, crisis management, social entrepreneurship, etc.
  • A1 for social good: healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, cultural preservation, etc.
  • Natural language processing (NLP): Arabic dialects, sentiment analysis, fake news detection
  • Computer vision: medical imaging, satellite imagery analysis, cultural heritage preservation
  • Robotics and automation: healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, disaster response
  • Gender and A1: Identifying and addressing gender bias in A1, the impact of A1 on gendered experiences, ethical
    implications of gender and A1, diversity in A1 datasets, the future of work and gender

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