Bouchra Al Halmuni

Program Coordinator & Consultant

Artificial Intelligence
Web Development
Women In Technology
Social Impact Of Technology


Bouchra Al Halmuni is a Digital Entrepreneur, Full-stack Developer, Designer, Mentor, Speaker, Artist, and TechWomen fellow. She is the founder of Boxra, WEBA (Women's E-Business Academy) and co-founder of T.A.W (The Amazing Woman). 

As a Digital Entrepreneur, Bouchra launched Boxra, a digital agency that develops cutting-edge digital solutions. She combines her technical expertise and innovative ideas to create impactful products. Her skills as a Full-stack Developer and Designer ensure that her projects are visually stunning and function seamlessly.

Bouchra actively engages in mentoring programs, serving as a Women TechMakers Ambassador and a facilitator for the #IamRemarkable initiative. She empowers aspiring professionals, especially women in tech, to embrace their achievements and overcome self-doubt. 

Beyond tech, Bouchra is a talented artist who uses her work to inspire conversations about society and culture. She is participating in the TechWomen program, connecting with professionals worldwide and broadening her perspectives.

Committed to her community, Bouchra serves as a paramedic in the Moroccan Red Cross, providing vital medical assistance. Through T.A.W, she strives to bridge the gender gap in tech by empowering women with skills and resources.

Bouchra Al Halmuni's passion for technology, entrepreneurship, mentorship, art, and social impact has made her a respected and influential figure. Her diverse range of skills and unwavering dedication exemplify her commitment to shaping a better future in the tech industry and beyond.