Ahmed Abu Shaban

Dean and Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics

Artificial Intelligence in Sustainable Development
Market Systems Empowering Marginalized Groups
Sustainable Technology Integration for Food Security
Climate Adaptation Strategies in Market Systems
Market-Based Climate Mitigation Efforts


With over 15 years in academia across Palestinian National universities, esteemed USA, and German institutions, my passion lies in shaping future leaders across diverse disciplines. I've delved into food security, market system development, rural sociology, and comprehensive social research methodologies encompassing quantitative and qualitative approaches. Additionally, my expertise spans farming systems, agricultural economics, farm management, and managerial economics.

As the dean of Agriculture and Environment at Al Azhar University Gaza, my leadership highlighted a pioneering rural development program aimed at analyzing agricultural value chain gaps. This initiative sought to uplift marginalized farmers, enhancing their market participation amidst economic adversities.

A pivotal aspect of my commitment lies in spearheading Green Economy Initiatives, particularly in designing circular economy programs. These initiatives harmonize sustainable economic models with market development, fostering both economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Concurrently, my research focuses on Food Security and Sustainable Environment, targeting crucial gaps and barriers within these systems. The aim is to empower marginalized groups and facilitate their increased participation in markets, thereby fostering economic empowerment.

One of my prominent research themes involves leveraging technology and data to optimize food security in Gaza. In collaboration with institutions like The Access to Knowledge for Development Center at the American University in Cairo and four Middle East universities, this study explores AI opportunities, barriers, and recommendations for sustainable enhancement. Financial support from the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada, bolsters this endeavor.

The fusion of my expertise in Market System Development with dedicated research in sustainability and food security enables the strategic design of impactful programs. These initiatives empower vulnerable populations and contribute to sustainable economic growth within communities.

My advocacy for Circular Economy and Sustainable Market Practices underscores a progressive outlook, advocating for eco-friendly models prioritizing environmental preservation alongside fostering economic growth.

This holistic approach integrates market insights into sustainable strategies, emphasizing the pivotal role of understanding market systems for achieving economic growth, environmental sustainability, and food security.