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Governing Responsible Data: Advocating Healthcare For All

As the MENA hub for Responsible AI, we recently attended the Healthcare Governance Forum held in Cairo on June 27th, 2024.

Data Privacy in The Middle East and North Africa’s Artificial Intelligence Ecosystems: A Glimpse on Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia

In recent years, several MENA countries have incorporated Artificial Intelligence into their national strategies for development.

Towards Responsible Use of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in MENA- The Culture of Data and AI

Multiple AI-based technologies are being created and integrated into our everyday societies. Globally, data is being leveraged as a mechanism to improve AI...


OD4D - Open Data Management Plan Middle East and North Africa A Guide

Guide highlights data management, security, storage, preservation, and MENA legal aspects, crucial for navigating the region's data landscape.

OD4D 2.0 - A Study of Data and Artificial Intelligence Narratives in MENA

Analyzing context is critical for understanding current capacities in the region to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and address local challenges as they arise. This study aims to explore the state of AI.