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Deliberate, inclusive AI policies to empower women in Africa

In the quest for gender equality, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) offers unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

Artificial Intelligence and Data for Development in the Middle East and North Africa: Preliminary Survey Findings

When compared to Western regions, the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region has a unique artificial intelligence (AI) exploitation that is relative,,,

Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Inclusion: What Prospects for the Middle East and Africa?” Ninth Annual Workshop of the Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D)

The workshop kicked off with a warm welcome from A2K4D’s founding director Dr. Nagla Rizk, who stressed the importance of the Center’s research.


Exploring Cairo's Ring-Road: A Data-Driven Approach

This study aims to harness the power of data to assess the levels of Safety, Mobility, Accessibility and Reliability of Transport on Cairo’s urban roads. This is accomplished using simple and affordable digital technologies...

Non-Traditonal Approaches to Transportation Data and Urban Planning in the MENA Region

This dataset aims to harness the power of data to assess the levels of mobility of Transport on Cairo’s urban roads.

Case Study: Off the Grid - The Women of "Area C"

Impact Data Lab (IDL) aims to bring civil society groups into contact with open data and introduce methodologies for data reuse and dissemination.